Making Whole Foods a Way of Life | National Nutrition Week, by Kelly Francis, Registered Dietitian

In South Africa, the 9th to the 19th of October represents National Nutrition and National Obesity Week.  This year’s theme is “Make Eating Whole Foods a […]

Coping with Picky Eaters by Registered Dietitian, Kelly Francis

Apart from the frustration and stress that picky eating causes for parents of picky eaters, long term picky eating can lead to malnutrition which can manifest […]

Less ‘kid-friendly’ foods, more family foods, by Kelly Francis, Registered Dietitian

The concept of ‘kid-friendly’ foods seems to have grown out of proportion. People are still quick to condemn sugary breakfast cereals for their high sugar content […]

Teens and vegetarianism is not a new thing

Teens and Vegetarianism by Kelly Francis, Registered Dietitian While religious fasting with the abstinence of meat is not a new thing, it is becoming popular for […]

Unpacking the tip of the food pyramid

Unpacking the tip of the food pyramid by Registered Dietitian, Kelly Francis It may be interesting to some that the South African Health Department and South […]

The Mediterranean Way – achieving optimal health

Striving for a traditional Mediterranean diet is a great way to achieve optimal health because of its nutrient dense, socially feasible and fairly economical dietary recommendations. […]

Sweet Potato Fries vs. French Fries

Which is Healthier? Sweet potato fries have a reputation for being healthier than French fries, but you may wonder whether they’re really better for you. After […]

The great butter vs margarine debate!

There is much controversy surrounding these two spreads that look similar and essentially serve the same purpose but it is well worth knowing the difference, and […]

Teaching children how to eat well.

“Teaching’ Children How to Eat Well” by Kelly Francis, Registered Dietitian Eating well does not come as naturally as we might assume. While children are naturally […]

Snacks vs Treats know the difference

While small snacks are encouraged at mid-morning and mid-afternoon to meet nutrient requirements, stabilize blood glucose levels and keep hunger at bay, it is important to […]

Snack Attack – why snacking is important

While snacking is encouraged in young growing children, constant grazing and inappropriate snack choices can undo the benefit of regular meals. The need for regular meals […]

Fibre | The Forgotten Nutrient

Often an underestimated, and under consumed nutrient, dietary fibre is an essential nutrient required for optimal health.  Fibre is a form of carbohydrate that moves through […]